Primelase HR is one of the fastest, safest & most powerful laser hair removal systems on the market, designed for established, high volume clinics to maximise profitability.

Offering a combination between SSL (Solid State Laser) and diode LASER, a large spot size, dual work modes & four wavelengths, Primelase HR provides the quickest & safest laser hair removal treatments, which means you can treat more patients in less time.

Treats all skin and hair types, even tanned skin

Highest peak power – up to 4800 watts

Virtually painless, extreme power, prime results

Premium Laser Hair Removal Technology


Introducing Primelase HR

primelase HR Features

Primelase HR is the only laser diode platform featuring a combination between SSL (Solid State Laser) and diode LASER. It features two work modes that enable the device to accommodate personalized treatment plans fitting the needs of each individual patient.

  • No Maintenance
  • No Consumables
  • Applicable For All Skin Phototypes
  • Ultra Short Pulse Duration
  • Compatible with Domestic Electrical Networks

Type of equipment: Diode LASER hair removal device
LASER emission: Direct by quartz prism

Maximum peak power: 10000W
Wavelength: 755nm-1060nm
Maximum energy: 300J
Pulse duration: 3ms-400ms

Power supply: Single phase, 100-240V
Network frequency: 50-60Hz
Nominal power: 2800W
Maximum power: 3300W
Maximum intensity: (200-240V) 13A

MDD directive Class:
Class. according to IEC: 60825-1 Class IV LASER
Class. according to IEC: 60601-1 Class I, type BF
CE Marking: CE0120

Dimensions: 1140 x 480 x 550mm
Weight: 75Kg
Screen: Touchscreen 10, 4″
Work range: 18-30 °C
Storage: 2-50 °C or Under 90% humidity (without condensation)

The frequency in the repetition of the pulse goes up to 3Hz when static and 10Hz when dynamic, along with the different spot sizes we provide (10×9, 20×9, 30×9 and 30×17) make Primelase HR one of the fastest, safest, most powerful and efficient devices on the market, including last sessions with residual hair.

The Primelase HR platform is designed to work with three different wavelengths (755nm, 810nm and 1060nm) and also with an applicator which has combined wavelengths (810nm, 940nm and 1060nm) to permanently & safely remove all kinds of hair on all skin phototypes.

(USP)Primelase HR works using exclusive USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology, which enables the delivery of ultra short pulses pulses (up to 3 ms) with high fluency in large spots thanks to its high peak power being the first diode laser with characteristics of SSL (Solid State Laser).

Primelase HR can work with different spot sizes obtaining the best results and adapting to all types of hair & skin types. The platform also works with a square pulse system allowing the perfect pulse to be delivered, avoiding any possibility of secondary risks and helping to achieve the best results.

This system constantly monitors the temperature of the laser head, guaranteeing a constant temperature of 5°C at the tip of the handpiece at all times, providing safe treatments.

Static mode:
By working at 1, 2 and 3 Hz with high fluence and ultra short pulses, the speed of the treatment is not reduced and any risk of skin lesions is avoided. This work mode is most suited for fine hair and residual hair at final sessions and for pale phototypes.

Dynamic mode:
It works at a speed of 10Hz even at high fluency. Most suited for initial sessions with very dense hair, patients with a low pain threshold and the combination of its four wavelengths means that all kinds of patients can be treated without limitation of phototype, hair type or time of year with the maximum effectiveness and safety.

• 755nm:
recommended for treating pale skins (phototypes I-III) with fine hair. Indicated for removing the residual hair of the last sessions. Its high peak power makes it the most powerful LASER on the market with this wavelength. Up to 3600W.

• 810nm:
recommended for treating all skin phototypes, particularly patients with a great density of hair and first sessions. Its high peak power (Up to 4800W) and the USP technology create a unique combination on the market achieving excellent results with large spots (30x17mm). Up to 4800W.

• Combined wavelengths:
perfect balance to treat dark phototypes (III-IV a VI), we have the absorption efficiency of the 810nm wavelength and the safety of the 1060nm wavelength. Excellent at treating all hair depths and dark skins.

• 1060nm:
most suited for treating dark phototypes (III-IV tanned, V and VI). Its work mode, exclusively designed for this wavelength, offers a unique combination.

USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology is a technology designed by cocoon medical’s R&D department to work exclusively with our LASER. The USP technology is designed to combine the advantages of solid-state LASER with diode LASER, enabling work to be done with a high peak power (Up to 4,800W) delivering the energy in ultra short pulses (up to 3ms).

primelase HR is characterised by being the only LASER diode platform that makes a combination between SSL (Solid State Laser) and diode LASER, achieving a mix of advantages: maintenance free, all skin types, Ultra Short Pulse duration and compatible with domestical electrical network. Besides, It has two work modes, static and dynamic, that enable the device to be suited to the individual needs of each patient and different spots.

Latest Reviews

I purchased the new Primelase Hair Removal Machine Feb 2019. This was a very big decision for my Salon. I’ve always played it safe and never really invested in such a big purchase. I was very impressed with the service. Louise and Peter were extremely informative and supportive towards me.

-Shushila chauhan Escala Beauty

Can’t thank this team enough! So friendly and helpful! The Primelase Hair Removal is amazing! Thanks again… Katie and the team x!


I have recently purchased the new Primelase Hair Removal Machine. This was a very big decision for my Salon, although established a long time I’ve always played it safe and never really invested in such a big purchase. I have now had the machine just over 3 months and can say so far it is a massive success. Through minimum advertising on Facebook and a website specifically for our laser we are constantly getting bookings.

Clients and myself are extremely impressed with the results so far so I’m sure they will be booking for other areas and hopefully telling their friends.

-Angela Griffin

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